18 months later...

April 04, 2015

I’m not sure how to start…after18 months of itchy feet, worry and absolute delight. 18 months of criss-crossing France in search of madly talented people and surprising characters, looking for those who make the difference, who have that certain "je ne sais quoi".

How many pairs of heels worn down, how many miles of tarmac covered and how many coffee pods swallowed?

At the end of this long journey, my lifelong project, laughter, fun and great encounters with people like Chantal, Sébastien, Françoise, Claire and many others.
All those people who create fashion and design, who make the pieces that we dream of owning and whom we never see.

This will be the subject of a future post and feel free to remind me to tell you about it!

Firstly, my name is Isabelle, I’m 38 years old and I’m the Artistic Director of Sabanah.
Throughout this long adventure, I don’t know how many times I’ve turned round in the street at the sight of owner and dog duos, with improbable style. Funny duos, glamorous duos, touching duos and fashionable duos…
So, I said to myself, why not write a shared blog where we can create a world tour in photos and go hunting for the most incredible owners and their little four-legged friends.

I’ll be back soon to tell you all about it.