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 DON'T forget your christmas promo code noel2018 - ends on 31.12.2018

Introducing Luciole

December 05, 2015

After a 4-day shoot and lots of furry fun, let me introduce you to the cats and dogs featured in the Sabanah campaign.

As you’ll see on the site, whether playing around or striking a pose, you have to agree they’re real pros!

Let’s start with Luciole. Gorgeous isn’t she?

Canape pour chien Le Couture Urban Sabanah 

I’ve never met a Petit Brabançon and she won me over straight away.

She’s a happy, good natured little lady who doesn’t bark too much. The perfect breed to blow away those winter blues – just one look at her sweet face is enough to make you smile.

With her snub nose and quirky pose, she cracked us up; this one could be a professional comedian.

Luciole, a 6 month old female, is one of 3 Chihuahuas who live in the countryside. Animals and kids rule the roost in her happy home.

As with all puppies, Luciole can be a real handful…she has a penchant for destroying plants! She hates showers, but her young owner gives her no choice – this is one sweet smelling ball of fur.

Luciole’s also a modern madam; a connected pooch, so to speak!

Tablets have replaced doggy treats. Turn on the tablet, choose a film and before you know it, she’ll plonk herself down for an evening’s viewing. At only 6 months old, she’s already won a beauty pageant, so who knows, maybe we’ll see Luciole gracing the big screen one day?

But in the meantime, we’ll leave her to be pampered in the warmth of her home.