Sofa for cat

"Le Couture", the little french touch.

canapé de luxe rose pour chat The inspiration:

“Le Couture” takes inspiration from the most beautiful palaces of the Renaissance, an era rich in colour and precious fabrics. Reinterpreted in a contemporary manner, it retains the elegance and the glamour.

A true couture piece, the sleek form with its simple lines and white beech feet contrast with the richness of its covering.

A symbol of the excellence of French workshops that stands out for the exceptional quality of its materials.

This sofa is an invitation to idleness and offers your companion a haven of wellbeing and softness for refreshing sleep.

Its texture catches the light, so the colours change subtly throughout the day.

Its back panel is decorated with our brand signature, a gorgeous gold- and silver-plated, rhodium-coated jewel to delight the senses.