Basket for cat - "Drôle de Panier" Campanula Mauve

"Drôle de panier", basket for cat, beech and Missoni or Christian Lacroix fabrics

Why “drôle de panier”, which means “funny sort of basket”? Because it hasn’t got a base!

The structure of this basket for cats is made entirely of beech, with a double- sided cushion in different fabrics to enhance your interior.
The high sides of the basket will make your cat feel safe whilst giving it a good view of its surroundings.
Its varnish is as velvety-soft as a peach skin and as gentle as a caress. 
4 colours are available for S size (campanula mauve, teal blue, midnight blue or salsa red) and 3 for M size (campanula mauve midnight blue or salsa red).

Because we are aware of the need for the comfort of your pet at every stage of its life, we have fitted it with a Bultex cushion protected by a waterproof liner.
It has a removable cover which is available in fabrics from Missoni or designed by Christian Lacroix.

Its Ondurman or Oketo (brown or red)  Missoni cover is fully removable and made to be highly resistant to claws. It has the added feature of not attracting hairs, for easier maintenance.
Sublime and delicate, the Christian Lacroix variant is best suited to cats who don’t scratch a lot their bedding.

The finishing touch is a silver-plated jewel decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Beech wood frame

Solid beech.
Natural varnish with velvety feel.
The advantage of natural wood is the colour palette which makes each product unique.

Bultex cushion and Missoni or Christian Lacroix fabrics

Bultex: 35 kg density with waterproof cotton and polyolefin protective covering.
Outer removable cover in 100% Trevira Missoni fabric (hard-wearing fabric) or in 100% cotton Christian Lacroix (delicate fabric)
Christian Lacroix fabric is only available in S size.
Oketo red is only available in M size.
The positions of the patterns are not fixed, both sides are different. Each product is unique.
Washable at 30°, gentle spin for Missoni cushion
Hand washable only at low temperature or dry clean for Christian Lacroix Cushion

Size S or M

We have shown the interior space to help you choose the right size bed for your pet.
Cats like to curl up in a ball against the side of their beds, so it's important that the space is neither too small to be comfortable nor too big, which would make them feel unsafe.

Basket for cat, size S
Exterior measurements - Length 53.5 cm x Width 44.5 cm x Height 14.0 cm - Width 21.06" x Depth 17.52" x Height 5.51".
Interior space – Length 50.0 cm x Width 41.0 cm and a 5 cm thick cushion - Width 19.69" x Depth 16.14" and 1.97" thick cushion
It is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized cats.

Basket for cat, size M
Exterior measurements - Length 75.0 cm x Width 57.0 cm x Height 15.0 cm - Width 29.53" x Depth 22.44" x Height 5.91".
Interior space – Length 71.0 cm x Width 53.5 cm and a 6 cm thick cushion - Width 27.95" x Depth 21.06" and a 2.36" thick cushion. 
It is recommended for cats or breeds such as Maine Coon...

Europe 5-10 working days - Rest of the World 10-15 working days (unless otherwise specified).
Made in France