Bed for dog - "Inuit" Ocean Blue

Luxury bed for dog - "Inuit" ocean blue

Urban Fashion look.

The most couture-style bed for dogs and cats with that fashion show feel.
It plays with contrasts and can be covered or uncovered as you wish.
Its accessories emphasise its modern and original urban styling and its irresistible “Inuit” blanket, made from highly realistic fun fur and designer fabric, can accompany your pet when you’re out and about, to be sure they travel in style!

Your dog will be able to curl up in this haven of comfort on the thick Bultex mattress and memory foam, protected by its waterproof covering.
It is dressed in a surprising and hard-wearing covering from Kvadrat which brings an ultra-modern, urban touch.
The “Inuit” bed is accessorised with a little pillow and a fabulous calf leather belt.

Its “Inuit” blanket adds a contemporary touch and is covered in a superb Missoni fabric and fun fur that’s better than nature.
The blanket has a waterproof layer and can accompany your pet when you’re out and about.
The utmost in luxury and comfort for your dog.


Bultex: 39kg density + Memory foam.
Waterproof cotton and polyolefin inner liner.
Kvadat 100% Trevira CS outer removable cover and little pillow.
Machine washable at 40°, gentle spin (outer cover and pillow).

Reversible blanket:

Fun fur 100% Polyester. Snow Leopard Belly.
Missoni fabric 100% Trevira Oketo 156.
Waterproof cotton and polyolefin padding.
Machine washable at 30°, gentle spin.

The patterns on the covers are not fixed, each piece is unique.

Calf leather belt
Size S, M or L

According to the standards, some dogs can be much bigger or smaller than others of the same breed.
In order for your dog to be comfortable, it must be able to stretch right out. You can measure it when it’s stretched out to be sure of choosing the right size.
The interior dimensions are shown below, the examples are given for information only.

The bed for dog - size S: 
Exterior measurements: Length 64 cm x Width 44 cm x Height 9 cm - Width 25.20" x Depth 17.32" x Heigth 3.54".
Eventually for Japenese Spitz, Butterfly Spaniel (Papillon), Japanese Spaniel, Yorkshire, Chihuahua, Brussels Griffon, Bichon maltais or frise Shih tzu, Lhassa Apso, Miniature or toy Pinscher, Beagle...

The bed for dog - size M: 
Exterior measurements: Length 80 cm x Width 54 cm x Height 10 cm - Width 31.50" x Depth 21.26" x Heigth 3.94".
Eventually forJack Russel, Caniche mini , Boston terrier, English or American Cocker Spaniel, Busset Hound, Cavalier King Charles, Shetland, Bull Terrier, Chow Chow , Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, Akita…

The bed for dog - size L: 
Exterior measurements: Length 100 cm x Width 65 cm x Height 10 cm - Width 39.37" x Depth 25.59" x Heigth 3.94".
Eventually for English Bulldog, American Bulldog, Dalmatien, Gordon Setter, Irish Setter, Labrador, Alaskan Malamute, Akita, Shar Pei, Australian, Highland or Shetland Shepherd dog…

Europe 5-10 working days - Rest of the World 10-15 working days (unless otherwise specified).
Made in France


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