Basket for Cat

"Drôle de Panier", sensory delight

The inspiration

“Drôle de Panier”, which means “funny sort of basket” is inspired by the natural environment of southern France, which is delicate, yet robust and enchanting.
The beech surround with its fluid lines, combines natural essence with bright, cheerful colours.

Its peach-skin feel and sensuous curves give it a very contemporary look.
Each piece is created with the utmost care and precision in French workshops.

The fabrics used in this first collection originate from the greatest producers and designers, such as Missoni and Christian Lacroix and represent the most joyful and magical of what nature has to offer.
The Bultex cushion creates a cocoon of comfort and wellbeing for your dog, whatever its age.

This basket is a reflection of current styles, on the frontier between design and fashion, and is accessorised with a jewel in silver-plated, rhodium-coated metal with Swarovski crystals, fixed to the front panel as a delight for the eyes.